Of Novels and Ulcers

My novel-in-progress, The Mirror Veil, has hit 16,000 words through 4 chapters. The first draft is going to be longer than planned, which will mean cutting stuff later. Fine with me. I’ve been told by many writers that editing is where the magic happens, and as I’ve never edited a full-length novel before, I’m almost looking forward to it. (Yes, I know I’m crazy.)

I’ve done a lot of recent work on my plot and character-arc outlines, and I’m feeling pretty good about them right now, which necessarily means that they are crap and will undergo more changes later. I’m also okay with this. The Mirror Veil is my first novel, and while I love it and am excited about it, I’m also prepared to trunk it and move on if/when the time comes. It’s 1) a learning experience and 2) a gift for my nieces. As long as they like it, and I learn many things that will make me a better writer, I’m happy.

In non-writing news: I have a stomach ulcer, and it is less fun than you’d expect. There are six foods I can eat, in small amounts: whole-grain bread, oatmeal (no milk or butter), scrambled eggs, boiled squash, cooked beans, and plain boiled chicken breast. On the bright side*, I’ve lost ten pounds in the last eight days.

*There is no bright side. I want my active, kinda-chubby body back, in place of this skinnier one that never has energy. Also, I WANT COFFEE. *weeps*