when the coffee trees bloom

Selamat malam from Java!

It is dry season here. Yesterday morning we woke up and all the coffee trees had started blooming, at the same moment, like someone had flipped a switch. The air smells of coffee blossoms. Beautiful.

Good news on the ulcer front: Apparently it was indeed caused by h. pylori. The treatment worked, and I am back to eating everything except coffee, tomatoes, and citrus. (I’ll stay on omeprazole for a few months, just to ensure that the ulcer heals fully.) Being better means that I get to enjoy awesome Indonesian food! Lunch yesterday was satay, one of my favorites.

On the writing front… I’ve fallen behind, due, I think, to pacing problems. I hit a part of the story that drags, and if it’s too boring for me to want to write it, I can’t imagine anyone would be interested in reading it. I think I’ve managed to power through to the interesting part. I’ll revise, re-structure, and cut during editing.

As for tonight, I need to write at least 1,000 more words before I go to bed, or my nieces might disown me. They’re about out of patience.


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